How to keep entertained despite the weather during at Holiday Homes Towyn

Well, winter is well and truly on its way, and with it come the lower temperatures and frequent showers –  but hark!! All is not lost! There is a multitude of activities one’s family can indulge in regardless of the state of the weather. This is what makes North Wales a fantastic area to visit all year round in Lodges for sale North Wales

Llechwedd Slate Caverns

Delve into the fascinating past of Welsh Slate! This amazing underground labyrinth includes some of the greatest 1800 era mines still accessible today. With a plethora of workshops and activities to get involved in, even the favourite Deep Mine Tour, in which you delve into the deep dark mines of ages past. There’s also the Quarry Explorer to embark upon, this an off-road experience across Llechwedd Mountains, and finally the fascinating Slate Workshop in which you learn how to split slate in the traditional fashion, this is a crafty hands-on experience in which you can fully embody the Welsh slate smith.


This totally radical soft play world in Llandudno makes full use of the fact that Wales has the highest castle to square mile than any other nation in the whole wide world. This is because the soft play has an awesome medieval castle theme. Watch your little one transform into a brave knight or a warrior princess as they storm the gate and get fully immersed in this foam-padded kingdom. Fear not parents, the well-stocked refreshments area is the perfect location to await your sleepy warrior towards the end of his/her adventure. Enjoy a few cups of tea and chill out before heading back to Lodges for sale north wales.

Anglesey Sea Zoo

This brilliant oceanic paradise is home to many of the local inhabitancy of North Wales’ surrounding waters. You can see the likes of the cunning lobster, the rapid-dash seahorses, sassy catfish and dazzling starfish. You won’t find oversized sharks flown in from Miami in these tanks, just a showcase of the stunning wildlife that we are lucky enough to have roaming our shores, not too far from Holiday homes Towyn. This is a perfect and educational day out for the entire family.

The Venue Cymru

What was previously known as the North Wales theatre, because of its position as the most prominent performance space in the entirety of the Northern region of our fair nation, it welcomes world famous acts and some massive bands. If you are staying at Holiday homes Towyn then you will find this is an ideal way to get some first-class entertainment. There are also pantomimes shows, musicals and exhibitions taking place which are a riot to be involved in. Look at the ever-evolving timetable to see what treats the Venue has in store!