How Getting a Holiday Home Transforms the Lives of Those who Buy Them

Often people will live and work in the big city, only to find that they would much prefer some wide open space, fresh ocean views and access to natural splendour whenever they fancy. This is especially true for city dwelling couples when a few kids come along. Instead of playing in the streets of a concrete jungle or outlying suburban area, they are able to explore the wide open spaces of beaches, hilltops and woodland. Such an opportunity is priceless. It’s, therefore, no wonder that many people choose to find lodges for sale in North Wales.

Family fun and holiday highlights

One of the biggest benefits holiday homes owners talk about is the increased quantity and quality of family together time that they are able to spend together, having a set place to go away and get away from all the hustle and bustle of life. Spend more time outside and do more things with the kids.

Retirees are also another set of people who get so much value from a holiday home. Spending their hard-earned retirement times in lodges North Wales with a beautiful view.

Meet Like Minded People

Holiday homeowners find that they are in a community of like-minded people who all have holiday homes together. Seeing familiar faces on holiday makes your holiday much more than just a week away somewhere random – it gives you access to a whole new life. The owners will all be quite closely knit, with all new friends that you can make. There are also events, especially for holiday homeowners. With access to stuff from hog roasts, wine and cheese nights, live music, all the way to pool parties in the sunshine.

Make sure that you check out the holiday park before choosing your home, you want to choose one with the right vibe for the life that you want while falling within the budget that you have to play with. Remember that holiday parks are a very big investment so it’s important that you choose one where you will be happy.

Low maintenance

Lodges are designed to be low maintenance by the manufacturers. The materials are chosen and the way that they are constructed and the single story layout – it means that extensive repairs are unlikely. Making life on the lodge park easy.

Easy to buy

Buying a holiday home usually isn’t a big deal – most of the holiday parks will help you through the process – from finding a holiday park in your desired area all the way to advice about the siting your new lodge, totally ready for you to begin holidaying in your new holiday lodge dream home.

There’s no stamp duty that you would need to pay.

Holiday lodges don’t usually incur stamp duty as it would with a traditional property. For further information just go to

We expect to see a trend in investing holiday lodges to continue for these reasons, this is especially true with the demand for the UK increasing over the course of the next few years thanks to many people choosing staycations or holidays within the UK as a result of recent changes in politics, so there’s arguably never been a better time to get the holiday lodge of your dreams.