Elwy Lodge

Holiday lodges in North Wales could be the perfect opportunity to you give yourself, your partner and your family a second life. Many of the people who choose lodges are based in the city but have a penchant for fresh and clean air and want somewhere they can get away to. Well, there are many things to consider before getting your lodge, and we are here to help you with this situation. We have put together this helpful article of our expert opinion and insider knowledge for the considerations of getting yourself a holiday lodge.

What are you using the lodge for exactly?

What are you searching for in your new holiday home? Are you looking for a weekend place to relax and recharge the old batteries and have a snooze? Or a base from which you can explore the surrounding countryside and beautiful beaches and coastline? Or more like a second home from which you can shelter in the summer month or more like an investment property to generate a rental income? In order to make your decision, you may need to choose the right investment – a property which is going to afford you the lifestyle that you want. Maybe you want lodges with hot tubs, proximity to a beach or good road access.

How far do you want to travel regularly?

You might love the idea of the far-flung reaches of Devon or Cornwall, but when you are in Liverpool or Manchester, it might make much more sense for you to lay down some holiday groundwork in areas like North Wales, so you start looking for lodges for sale in Wales. Set your sites on an area which delivers the setting that you desire but at an achievable distance so you can get there without too much faff. Set yourself a travel time limit and then do a sweep of parks which are within a reasonable distance.

Nature lover?

You might want to choose a park which is in close proximity to natural surroundings, be it dunes, beaches, mountains, woodland or whatever kind of environment you are after – we love easy nature walks in North Wales.

What annual fees are you expected to pay?

All lodge parks are different, but there may be some yearly fee that you’ll need to pay including water charges, insurance, gas, electricity, site upkeep and any other costs. For this information just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to discuss how we do things!

What are the park’s rules? 

Before buying you’ll have to familiarise yourself with a copy of the sties rules and regulations to ensure that you are going to agree with it and your lifestyle is going to be compatible with such.

Is it going to be possible to sell when the time comes?

The resale process should be straightforward enough but check with the park owner to find out about any restrictions in addition to the usual commission fee. They should also be able to give you a ballpark figure in resale value, this should be double-checked with an estate agent in order to maximise the yield. Come and have a chat to us about what would happen when re-sell value comes by. 

Have you ever stayed in a lodge before?

If not, you might consider staying in a lodge park – try life before you buy it! This is in order to confirm that this is what you really want! We know this is a hard decision so why not do some due diligence in order to avoid this scenario. This will leave you feeling secure in your decision! Ofcourse, you should get in touch if you have any questions about our lodges or lodge-life in general!