Lodge Park North Wales


We can’t be in denial any longer; we’ve only got just over a month left of summer. I’m sure we have all noticed the increase in rainy days and cold winds. Where has our sunshine gone? Due to the unpredictability of the weather, we have compiled a helpful list of entertaining activities for both rainy and sunny days here in North Wales. These activities are an ideal mixture of cheap and free for all the family to enjoy when staying at holiday homes in North Wales, whatever the weather!

Food Festivals

When autumn arrives it means that it’s food festival time in North Wales. Lucky for you, there are exquisite food festivals right through September to Christmas (but we won’t talk Christmas just yet, don’t worry). Some of the most popular food festivals in North Wales include the Gwledd Conwy Feast, Neath Food and Drink Festival, and the Portmeirion Food and Craft Festival. So if you are a “foodie” then make sure you take the time to visit these places.

Bodnant Gardens

Bodnant Gardens is a spectacular place to visit throughout the year, but there is just something magical about seeing it in the autumn. This National Trust-owned world-famous collection of gardens turns to some beautiful shades of amber and crimson during this time of the year. There a numerous National Trust areas in North Wales and the surrounding area which are well worth a visit to see the changing colour display.


This entertaining activity can be done completely free. During the autumn months as the weather brings in some rather strong storms, which in turn brings in some rather interesting things to discover from the sea and onto the sand. One of the best places for this activity is Shell Island. However, there are plenty of extraordinary beaches along the North Wales coast that are sure to be just as full of treasures and trinkets from the sea.

Conwy Castle Walls

Despite the fact walking exploring around Conwy Castle does come with a fee, it is still well worth a visit when staying in North Wales. However, a walk around the castle walls is completely free of charge and can be just as entertaining. The views of Conwy are truly unique from this particular point and well worth the effort of climbing some rather steep stairs.

The Paddocks Lodge Park is the perfect place to stay during your holiday in North Wales. If you have any more questions or queries about things to do in the area, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.